Minecraft Pocket Edition Features

Minecraft Pocket Edition Features

Minecraft Pocket Edition Features

Minecraft, a game that has won the hearts of millions globally, started its journey on the PC platform. But as the game’s popularity surged, Mojang (now a subsidiary of Microsoft) began expanding its horizons. Enter Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) – the mobile version of the game. Let’s delve into its exclusive features and understand what makes it a must-have for every Minecraft enthusiast.


One of the most obvious but important features of Minecraft PE is its portability. With it, you can create, explore, and survive in the blocky universe wherever you go. Waiting at the bus stop, on a long journey, or during a short break – the game is always at your fingertips.

Xclusive Touch Controls

Minecraft PE is specially designed for touchscreens. This version employs a unique control scheme, with a D-pad for movement, a jump button, and context-sensitive areas for placing and breaking blocks. After some acclimatization, many users find this approach intuitive.

Cross-platform Play

With the ‘Better Together’ update, Minecraft PE offers cross-platform gameplay. This means you can play with friends whether they’re on Xbox, Windows 10, VR devices, or other mobile platforms.

Exclusive Mobs

Minecraft PE introduced certain mobs that were initially exclusive to this version, such as the baby zombie jockey. While some of these have made their way to other editions of the game, their introduction in PE was a point of novelty.

Skin Customization

While skin customization exists in other versions, the PE offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface for it. You can easily browse, preview, and select from a variety of skins to give your character a unique look.

The Nether Reactor

Before the Nether was fully incorporated into Minecraft PE, there was the Nether Reactor. It was a unique structure allowing users to bring Nether-like qualities into the Overworld, spawning items and mobs characteristic of the Nether. Though this feature has been removed in later updates, it remains a nostalgic part of the PE legacy.

Different UI

Given the platform’s constraints and opportunities, Minecraft PE has a distinct UI. Crafting, for example, is made simpler with an auto-crafting feature, making it more accessible for those not familiar with recipes.

Performance Optimization

Minecraft PE is tailored for devices with varying capabilities. It’s impressive how Mojang has optimized the game to run smoothly on mobile devices, considering the complexity and expansiveness of Minecraft worlds.

Marketplace & Add-Ons

PE introduces the Marketplace – a hub for user-generated content, including skins, texture packs, and worlds. Additionally, there are Add-Ons, allowing players to modify game mechanics without needing mods, providing more customization than ever before.

VR Support

While not exclusive to PE, its compatibility with VR devices like the Gear VR makes it a novel experience. Exploring Minecraft in virtual reality is an experience like no other.


Minecraft Pocket Edition continues to evolve, ensuring that players receive the best of the Minecraft universe while on the go. Its unique features and optimizations, tailored for mobile gameplay, make it a must-play for fans and newcomers alike. So, whether you’re a veteran miner and crafter or someone new to the blocky realm, Minecraft PE promises an unmatched mobile gaming experience.